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Our History

Our History


MON., B.Sc (Econs) Lond., FCA, FCIS.

The birth of International College Ibefun (ICI) was necessitated by the worry of the founder, Prince M.B Taiwo, about the future of our nation and the destiny of our young people. ICI was established to restore the glory of yesteryears. ICI is a throwback to those glorious years of our education system. We will instill discipline on our way to ensuring complete and impactful education of our children.

Quality education replete with moral, ethical, cultural and religious values is our promise. It is a promise we intend to keep one student at a time. The learning environment at ICI is designed to enhance students’ academic excellence, great sense of civic responsibility and service, understanding of global issues and the development of critical thinking.

We are fortunate to have combined an excellent and dedicated team of teaching professionals, with a fabulous campus located on a massive land in a serene and learning friendly environment. I believe this combination, together with our rich academic resources and the use of the state of the arts technologies, allow ICI to provide a first rate education for the wards in our care. We aim to instill, from the very first encounter, the ability for critical thinking and reasoning, while gaining essential social and learning skills which will be integral to our children’s school life.

We are delighted that you are considering International College Ibefun for your child’s education. We are a complete school with clear aims and an excellent curriculum and high academic standards. We are progressive, dynamic and have a modern approach to teaching and learning environment. Students are encouraged to do their best at whatever they attempt and to achieve their full potential in all areas.

Our belief in producing life impacting leaders in all areas of life has led to the establishment of a school that could favourably compete with any other school around the world. We are proud to bring quality education to a young generation.

It is with a great sense of fulfillment that I present to you a school like no other INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE IBEFUN.

Welcome to our community of God-fearing leaders.

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  1. Okesanya abdulhakeem
    added on 28 Apr, 2020

    Baba is a Great man.. The Ibefun number 1. I’m one of baba staff. I’m eating and living in baba company. I have reason no to resign, because Baba is always doing well

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